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iprob30® <br> (for the Italian market only) </br>

(for the Italian market only)

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iprob® is a food supplement in lyophilized powder for oral use containing a mixture of three lactobacilli and one streptococcus.

EXPIRY 30/11/2022

The Anallergo choice to use four bacterial strains derives from the scientific evidence, that the combined action of a mixture of probiotics, plays a greater adjuvant action in the regulation of the body's defenses compared to the single strain bacterial.

Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers strengthens your intestinal flora.
A weaker intestinal flora also means lower immune defenses. In all these cases, in addition to controlling stress and adopting a correct lifestyle, it is particularly useful to supplement the diet with the intake of particular selected bacteria (probiotics) capable of restoring and optimizing the intestinal flora.