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<transcy>iproboro® x 4</transcy>
<transcy>iproboro® x 4</transcy>

iproboro® x 4

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Savings pack , 10% off - 4 boxes of 30 sachets for only € 178.00
Food supplement in lyophilized powder for orosoluble use containing a mixture of three strains of
lactobacilli , of one streptococcus and vitamin D3

EXPIRY 30/11/2021

In the presence of stress, tension, food allergies, infections, incorrect eating habits and abuse of antibiotics, an alteration of the bacterial flora is highlighted with consequent weakening. A weaker intestinal flora also means lower immune defenses. In all these cases, in addition to controlling stress and adopting a correct lifestyle, it is particularly useful to supplement the diet with the intake of particular selected bacteria (probiotics) capable of restoring and optimizing the intestinal flora.