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Filair Etere - Professional Air Purifier for home and office

Ether : the air purifier with patented filter

Thanks to the innovative air filter, Etere reduces indoor pollution by purifying the air in the home and in the workplace. It retains 99.97% of particles up to 0.3µm in size, bacteria, viruses, allergens, metals and VOCs and releases purified air into the surrounding environment. With a compact design and its silence, it improves the quality of the air you breathe in environments where you spend more time

Etere home

Indoor air pollution
We spend more and more time inside confined and shared places, where the air can reach higher levels of pollution than outside. At home and in the office we are surrounded by harmful but invisible substances, which we breathe and which penetrate our bodies, without us noticing. The main risk deriving from air pollution is linked to the Fine Particulate, PM1, able to penetrate deeply into the lungs, especially during normal breathing. The smallest particulate fraction cannot be filtered by our pulmonary alveoli and therefore enters the circulation, carrying with it other substances adsorbed on its surface (such as toxic gases and vapors), causing a harmful impact on our health, the onset symptoms and changes in respiratory function.

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The damage to health

Poor air quality in everyday environments can have a major impact on our body. Symptoms such as sleepiness, headache, fatigue, burning eyes and breathing difficulties are signs that could indicate a high percentage of pollutants in the air we breathe, but which we often tend to attribute to other causes. It is necessary to ensure that the environment in the home, in schools and in the workplace is healthy. Long exposure to pollutants could cause chronic illness or serious illness.

The solution
Etere's study was based on a feature that makes it unique: a product that combines high efficiency of air purification in a small and comfortable footprint. With a size of only 24 c m3, Etere covers up to 80 m3 / h and decreases the concentration of harmful particles present in the air up to 50% more than common filters on the market, thanks to the particular composition of the patented HeMaCa filter. .

Ether for the Home
The air purifier for home environments

Pollutants accumulate inside our homes without us perceiving it, but they can have negative effects on our health.

The use of the purifier at home
Etere has been designed with a modern design with soft curves, suitable for integrating into your home as a functional piece of furniture. Air quality in domestic environments is a factor that should be guaranteed in every home, unfortunately not all environments can receive adequate air exchange. Etere has been designed with reduced dimensions in order to be installed in any environment, reaching the least ventilated positions, even placing it on the wall if necessary.

The pollutants we breathe in our homes are higher than those outdoors, but what are they produced from?
  • Trapped external pollutants: airborne particles such as combustion gases, viruses, pollen, mites and allergenic compounds.
  • Furniture and Furnishings: VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds, such as formaldehyde and benzene), emitted by glues, paints and by the material itself, primarily compensated.
  • Stoves, fireplace and cigarette smoke: CO (Carbon Monoxide) in large quantities.
  • Air fresheners: If not of quality they produce a myriad of chemical agents of various kinds.
  • Humidity: It triggers the proliferation of molds and bacteria
  • Products for personal care and hygiene (such as spray deodorants, lacquers, enamels, solvents and perfumes): VOC
  • Sofas, armchairs and carpets: biological pollutants, dust and mites of all kinds.
The most exposed categories
Pollutants are invisible to our eyes, but they are present in the environment around us and are inhaled with every single breath. As it is estimated that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality becomes crucial for one's health and well-being. The daily accumulation of pollutants in living spaces can affect people's health in various ways, such as the respiratory system, causing allergies and asthma, or disturbances in the immune system. It can also have harmful effects on the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, as well as on exposed skin and mucous membranes.
The purification of the environment therefore plays a fundamental role in preventing diseases and health problems for us and for our loved ones.

Children are more affected by high concentrations of pollutants in the air, having a higher respiratory rate than that of adults. A still developing respiratory system makes them more prone to allergies or other symptoms.

Senior citizens

The elderly are a category considered at risk because they spend most of their time indoors. Furthermore, the problems that may arise can be aggravated by other health problems, often due to age.

Our tips for use
With its minimal and compact design it easily adapts to any type of environment and purifies the air of the house, giving balance and preventing possible health problems.
    etere cameretta

    It is the place where pathologies such as allergies and itching can reach their maximum expression

    Sitting room

    The use of perfumers, chemical detergents or simple allergens that accumulate in the relaxation areas, feed the manifestation of asthma and respiratory problems


    An impure and consumed air can experience episodes of headaches, nausea and difficulty concentrating

    Improvements to life in the home
    Thanks to Etere it is possible to spend time at home without thoughts and worries, breathing pure air at all times. Many of our customers have improved their environmental comfort, noting an important reduction in the most common pathologies, such as:

    The use of the purifier in the office

    The Hemaca filter has been studied with the aim of reducing the concentration of harmful substances emitted by toner printers, recognized as one of the main sources of indoor pollution. During the printing activity, in fact, particulate matter is released into the air, dangerous for human health, both because it is inhaled and because it comes into contact with our skin. Etere is the first air purifier effective in retaining harmful emissions from printers and purifying the entire surrounding environment.
    The pollutants we breathe in our offices are higher than the outdoor ones, where do they come from?
    • Trapped external pollutants: airborne particles such as combustion gases, viruses, pollen, mites and allergenic compounds.
    • Furniture and Furnishings: VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds, such as formaldehyde and benzene), emitted by glues, paints and by the material itself, primarily compensated.
    • Toner Printers: VOC and ozone
    • Production processes: Fine powders, solvents and chemicals
    • Exhaust smoke from means of transport: CO (Carbon monoxide)
    • Air fresheners: If not of quality they produce a myriad of chemical agents of various kinds.
    • Humidity: It triggers the proliferation of molds and bacteria
    The effects of pollution in the office
    Breathing air with high concentrations of pollutants can have consequences on productivity, performance and concentration level.

    Excessive concentration of indoor pollutants can reduce productivity by up to 20% .1 (Wargocki, P. Improving Indoor Air Quality Improves the Performance of Office Work and School Work. (2008))

    Learning and memory
    High levels of VOC and CO 2 they can negatively affect learning and memory

    Poor indoor air quality can compromise concentration and decision making

    Our tips for use

    90% of the harmful emissions from printing occur with the output of the sheet. For this reason, it is important that Etere is positioned as close as possible to the collection box of the printed sheets, to ensure the maximum effectiveness of abatement of dust dispersed in the air.

    To ensure maximum protection against the emission of pollutants from the printing process, we have created the accessory PrintLink , through which it is possible to make Etere communicate in "print" mode with your printer.

    Etere receives a signal when a print is started and automatically starts at the highest suction speed. In this way it quickly retains most of the fine particles released by the printer toner, which are recognized as harmful to health. After 15 seconds from the end of printing, Etere automatically returns to the mode of use initially set, for a constant and non-invasive purification activity.


    Air is a necessary good and it is everyone's right.

    Filair with the innovative HeMaCa filter fights indoor pollution by purifying the air you breathe in your home and office. Thanks to the ETERE air purifier, you can remove pollutants harmful to health from the indoor air and re-introduce pure air into the environment. Compact, silent and with Made in Italy production, it improves the quality of the air you breathe in the environments where you spend more time.

    Filair – il purificatore d'aria con filtro brevettato

    Who is Filair ?
    Filair is an innovative Start-up founded in 2017 by Gloria, Matteo and Davide, following a decade of research experience, the company was born with the aim of developing and offering solutions to the problem of indoor pollution and raising awareness and informing as many as possible. people on this delicate issue.

    From this choice HeMaCa sees the light, the innovative patented filter formed by 3 filtering layers, which through its unique structure, allows to purify the air by retaining inside the pollutants invisible to our eyes, but which we inhale every day. .

    The effectiveness of the Hemaca filter has been tested by important research centers in Italy and abroad, which guarantee its superiority to the average of commercial filters.

    To be able to offer a concrete solution to this delicate problem there is ETERE, a product created ad hoc on the needs of daily life, allowing anyone to make the air of the environment in which we live and work healthier and on a human scale. .