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Food supplement in lyophilized powder for soluble oral use containing a mixture of three strains of lactobacilli, a streptococcus and vitamin D3

EXPIRY 30/07/2023 

It helps to maintain a well-developed intestinal flora by promoting the integrity of the Intestinal mucosal barrier and plays an important protective action against pathogenic bacteria actively assisting the immune system by providing the Vitamin D3 necessary for its correct activation.


 In the presence of stress, tension, food allergies, infections, incorrect eating habits and antibiotic abuse there is an alteration and thus a weaking of your bacterial flora. Weaker intestinal flora also means a weaker immune system. In all these cases, in addition to controlling stress and adopting a correct lifestyle, it is particularly useful to supplement your diet with specially selected bacteria (probiotics) capable of restoring and optimizing your intestinal flora.